WCD 001

CD, 32 pages booklet (first edition only)
release-date: November 2001

In Electric Pleasure, the analog-bubbling concepts of the future in the 50's & 60's, equipped with vocoder voices and in a mega-futuristic / surrealistic environment, combine with today's digital, dust-free, and distorted image of the future which does not deviate from scientifically fathomable reality by one macro-millimeter. The scenery is created by a multitude of sound projections & transports the listener directly into the center of the future. ...computer-generated life forms & locations from the past future, meet reanimated electronic sounds & beats, virtual robot talk shows & fictional Sci-Fi orchestras.
note: limited edition "Electric Pleasure" pictureLP by Column One included completely different material


01. No Limits To The Imagination
02. Don't Move The Iron-Feet In Time
03. Die Welt dreht sich im Kreis
04. Electric Bones
05. Electric Voices
06. Nacht aus Stahl
07. Re-Start To Move
08. Im Zentrum der Zeit
09. Voice Test
10. MZ4 / Alpha Ville
11. Die Stimmen des Radios
12. Receiver
13. Die Stimme der Energie / Electric Pleasure P.6

WCD 002

release-date: December 2001


01. Mimetic Fake vs Column One -- Hasel 43
02. Column One -- Radiowellen
03. Marc Wannabe feat. Jürgen Ploog -- Alte Faltige Roboter
04. Jürgen Ploog/Andrew Loadman -- (Fragment)
05. Scimox -- Re-Gas
06. Column One -- White Errors - Language
07. M.O.W.E. -- Vom Leben Ins Tod
08. The Excellent Listener -- Happy Anniversary
09. Rechenzentrum vs Column One -- Art To Dance
10. Andrew Loadman -- Electronic Stores
11. Le Bach - Würfelkanon
12. Jürgen Eckloff -- Die Sonnenleier
13. Francisco López -- Untitled Single Piece 5 pt. 2
14. Andrew Loadman -- White Rabbit
15. Afanassi Viebeg vs Andrew Loadman -- Schweiz 99
16. Frieder Butzmann/Genesis P-Orridge -- Tales Of Death


VIDEO, VHS, 30min
release-date: December 2001

Braunserver is organised by a dramaturgy which is structured by the single situations used. The film experiments with the scenic patterns of social conditioning and simulated needs. To serve these ends, the method of Granular Synthesis is applied. It enables the fragmentation of a sequence to its smallest parts - the single frame. The resulting frames are reassembled and thus a new alienated clone is created out of the original material. A flood of audio-visual de-fragmentation of various information layers uses as its sources almost exclusively TV commercials.
One can differentiate between two modes of viewing Braunserver :
Mode 1 is a self-reflexive representation of the film medium, focussing on its functional principle of unexhaustive fragmentary and reproductive possibilities. Thus, playing with smallest particles of information become possible constituting various patterns in space and rhythm. Previously unknown levels of meaning can be disclosed, that have been functioning as a surface for the projection of traditional and conventional listening and viewing habits
Mode 2 involves thematizing the social constructs of values, needs, desires and emotional categories.
In this sense publicity can be understood as social studies that offer an interactive platform of socio-cultural communication, where producers and consumers can be seen as identical copies of each other.

WCD 004
CD, 12 pages booklet
release-date: January 2002
remixes from the column one CD "ELECTRIC PLEASURE"


01. Column One -- See The Sign
02. Silksaw -- Barbarian´s Voice
03. Frieder Butzmann -- Ep11
04. Marc Wannabe -- Hört auf mit Physik!
05. Column One -- Die Welt sich kraftvoll dreht
06. Column One -- Radiowellen
07. Mimetic Fake -- Electric Voices (mimetic r-mix)
08. Rechenzentrum -- Art To Dance
09. Rechenzentrum -- Art To Dance reverse
10. Column One -- Das Produkt dieser Logik
11. D.v.Euler-Donnersperg -- Das Süffelfläschen des kleinen Fritz
12. CoeUR y NâGL -- L'esprit par le coeur-360°
13. Marc Wannabe -- Entartet
14. Column One -- Summende Nummern
15. Afanassi Viebeg -- Die Welt elektrisch kreist
16. M.O.W.E. -- (Electric Light) ...Will Shining Bright


1st ed. : LP, limited edition of 330 numbered copies, blue vinyl, insert
release-date: January 2002
2nd ed.: LP, limited edition of 150 numbered copies, white vinyl, insert

release-date: January 2003

featuring: GENESIS P-ORRIDGE (first recording of "Just Drifting"/"Tales of Death"), Axel Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten), Angelika Maisch, Hideto, Christian Kneisel

Christian Bohn wrote (1982): "ZIVILISATION" is his records centrepiece, a perfect example of his dismantling process (to re-build): a bleak electronic storm blows barely discernibly in the distance, and, to the remorseless swing of hammer on steel, Butzmann sourly declaims against the cheapening and decay of the human spirit. The mood is taken up on the final tracks collaboration with Genesis P-Orridge, who recites in a resigned monotone the self-explanatory "JUST DRIFTING / TALES OF DEATH" – "Every time you feel a little joy / Somebody stamps on it" – to a shrivelling mix of grey atmospherics and a nervous tic... ...and that same mood is more localised on the most cutting song, " SADISMUS UND KONKURRENZ", which pinpoints the source of the spiritual malaise, when Butzmann duets with composer Angelika Maisch (in a fabulously uneven croon) such lines as: "Competition and sadism / That is the german mechanism". Butzmanns points are made with both bitterness and concern, through methods guaranteed to unsettle listeners without alienating to the point of turning off. Although his materials are often nagging noises, occasionally clumsily arranged, the dramas he constructs from them are conventionally approachable, if for no other reason than that they´re fired by his humanist spirit. Don´t hold back.


01. Geflüster
02. Arbeitslied
03. Die kleinen Tiere
04. Ballo Ballo
05. New Life
06. Hibakuschas
07. Verletzter Buddha
08. Sadismus & Konkurrenz
09. Tonights Musik (für K U)
10. Zivilisation
11. CFMC
12. Just Drifting / Tales Of Death


7inch, limited edition of 500 copies, white vinyl
release date: January 2002

Number 5 in the series & Fransisco López walks the untitled path consistent. All the sonic power & intensity that Mr. López is wellknown for, compressed into 2 intense pieces of sound.


2xCD-R, limited edition of 33 copies
release date: March 2002

Britney Spears reworked by: Kein Babel, Marc Wannabe, Scimox, Column One, MOWE, Afanassi Viebeg, Black Jewish Gays, P.H.Error, SWY, Synthia & Marek Wantzeck, Andrew Loadman, Target Marked Research.
Released for the "Asiatischer Muskel" event on 22.03.2002 at Kaffee Burger / Berlin.

WCD 010

CD in A5-folder
release date: October 2011
released within the NO-ONE Box by Column One

Originally released as limited 2xCDR edition of 20 copies at
DER ASIATISCHE MUSKEL, Berlin 23.03.2002.
All Compositions 2002.
Mastering & Cut by Robert Schalinski & Jürgen Eckloff 2004.


01. Column One - Waikiki
02. Target Market Research - diary (reverse)
03. Stea Andreasson, Andrew loadman & P.H.Error - Britney 1
04. Andrew Loadman - Britney 2
05. Black Jewish Gays
06. Mowe, A.Loadman & Marc Wannabe - Körpermasse
07. P.H.Error - I was never confident
08. Andrew Loadman - Britney 3
09. Marc Wannabe - Not a woman, Not yet a machine
10. Column One - don´t know where, don´t know when
11. Marc Wannabe - Sex in the city too
12. Column One - Justin
13. Column One - Rules
14. Synthia & Marek Wantzeck - Morgends by Wantzecks
15. Column One - I love Rock´n Roll
16. Marc Wannabe - its like a Coca Cola
17. Andrew Loadman - Dad
18. Andrew Loadman - Britney 4
19. Column One
20. L.Solter, A.Viebeg & V.Vogler - Huch! Ich tat es schon wieder.
21. Mylo nelin
22. essiskil lingme
23. 90%Wasser


CD-R, limited edition of 20 copies
release date: October 2002

Monotone & technoid release based mainly on vinyl scratches.
Released exclusively for the COLUMN ONE - presence at "Argos Festival" 26.10.2002, Brussels/Belgium.

LP, limited edition of 500 numbered copies
release date: December 2002

side one:
Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg

1. Das Süffelfläschchen des kleinen Fritz
2. Der Trostgnattel des kleinen Fritz
3. Der Gnattelsack des kleinen Fritz
4. Die Bettpfanne des kleinen Fritz

all tracks by Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg, under the use of basic compositions by Column One. produced 2002, Hamburg.

side two:
Column one

1. Die Truhe im Fluss #1
2. Die Truhe im Fluss #2
3. Die Truhe im Fluss #3
4. Die Truhe im Fluss

all tracks by Column One, under the use of basic compositions by György Ligeti & words by Naomi Klein. produced 2001-2002, Berlin.

WCD 005/PLUS 064

release date: December 2002 (in collaboration with Moloko Plus)

.the new work by column one follows their critically acclaimed 2001 album electric pleasure. the berlin-based disinformation collective & co-founders of the label platform 90%wasser mix minimal electronic beats with well-balanced micro-compositions, voice-cut-up´s & field recordings. .thus, sampling & fragmentation form the basis of this synthesis, but on second thought it unfolds its primary elements clearly, which are then being reconstructed in the listener´s brain. .tiny little noise-particles plough through the otherwise almost dancefloor-compatible compositions & tear up structures even before they enter the audible spectrum.
.a new space is created in which the white noise of a bad telephone connection mates with the voice of björk & texts of naomi klein vibrate through the airwaves recited by a stephen hawking-ish voice: they prefer coke to tea, nikes to sandals, mtv to cd-players, chicken mcnuggets to rice, macintosh to pc, playstation to message, young girls to china & credit carts to cash (new world teen study.). .rhythms autodisrupt and attack the expectable parameters of the 4/4-beat with their kinetic inaccuracy. .crispy and wide dub spheres start pumping in and this is when the deep berlin style becomes impossible to resist.
the audience is sleeping is the result of various collaborations between column one & other renowned berlin artists.
.the recording features contributions by rechenzentrum (kitty-yo, mille plateaux, shitkatapult, 90%wasser), marc wannabe (90%wasser), public sphere (90%wasser), mimetic (moloko plus, parametric, 90%wasser).


01. Flohturm (feat. Rechenzentrum)
02. Eine Fensterscheibe wird eingeschlagen
03. Skaerhap (feat. Public Sphere)
04. New World Teen Study
05. Foulé (feat. B.)
06. Molton
07. Playstation To Young Girls
08. ...China (feat. Rechenzentrum)
09. Hout (feat. Marc Wannabe)
10. Wernher´s Download
11. Per
12. Telefon
13. Ich bin nicht da... (feat. Rechenzentrum)

release date: December 2002

"Alte faltige Roboter" (old pleated robots) is a collection of Marek Wantzécks ´01-´02 homerecorded collaboration-works. It features recurrent themes: a figure at a typewriter who may/may not be composing/dreaming the beat; slow cavortings by would-be mythopoetic figures (ie old naked robots); flames; dunes; a woman swinging her skirt; a couple dancing and lots of robed and masked movers.
And with a running time that needs two vinyl sides, it´s just not possible to keep your mind from wandering out to make a baloney sandwich.


side one:
1. Schön geil (feat. Molly Luft)

2. Innocent But Guilty (vs. Britney Spears)
3. Alte faltige Roboter (feat. Jürgen Ploog)

side two:
4. Ja Ja
5. Muusk-oelh (feat. R.Schalinski & A.Loadmann)
6. It´s Like A Coca-Cola



LP, limited edition of 500 copies
release date: September 2003

Live-Mitschnitte aus den Wohnzimmern der 60er Jahre. Abgestaubt und montiert von Hermann Bohlen

Deutschland, Ende der sechziger Jahre: Der Bohrmaschine dicht auf den Fersen, strebt die Verbreitung des Tonbands ihrem Höhepunkt zu. Für eine gewisse Zeit ist es die beliebteste Technik, die dokumentarische Wut auszutoben und die ersten Worte der lieben Kleinen, ihre putzigen Äußerungen und Konversationen für alle Ewigkeit aufzubewahren. Erstmal müssen sie jedoch zum Sprechen gebracht werden. Da helfen nur Geduld und ständige Aufmunterung, gerade bei so zugeknöpften Entertainern wie Klein-Karen aus Kanada: Sag doch auch mal was! Notfalls kräftig anbrüllen: Nun gib schon mal'n Ton von dir!!! Schließlich fangen sie sogar an zu singen. Oh Baby-Baby Kacke-Kacke! Manchmal hilft aber auch gar nichts, das blöde Kind verweigert die richtige Aussprache des Wortes "Bürgermeisterei": Ach, jetzt biste Dummerchen! Unterdessen bedient sich der Erwachsene selbst der Apparatur. Er spricht sein Tagebuch auf Band. Kurz mußten wir nochmal umkehren, weil wir die Wolldecke vergessen hatten. Mitschnitte interessanter Sendungen über das Luxurieren der Bastarde oder Gefahren des Pettings werden angefertigt, der Stand der eigenen Gesangskunst dokumentiert. Mein Bruder ist nazifiziert, meine Schwester ist nazifiziert, und nun sind wir alle entnazifiziert. Bevor Oma-Hamburg stirbt, hat sie immerhin eine Stimmprobe hinterlassen, so können wir jetzt wenigstens etwas in Erinnerungen schwelgen. Mit den siebziger Jahren schwenkt der Versuch, die Momente des Privaten festzuhalten, um auf Super-8, und die Bänder und Maschinen wandern auf den Dachboden. Via Entrümpelung landen sie so nach und nach auf den Flohmärkten, wo man sie nur noch aufzusammeln braucht. Aus diesem Material wurde ein Stück montiert, in dem sich die ekelhaftesten und schönsten Funde zu einem Sittengemälde jener Zeit fügen. '64-'70 privat. Mit etwas Glück werden Sie sich selbst hören...

1st ed. : LP, limited edition of 60 copies in individual handmade sleeves
release-date: December 2003
2nd ed.: LP, limited edition of 290 copies in normal sleeve

release-date: December 2003

An voyage through the labyrinthine mind of Column One... ...a surreal, organic sound projection...

”Wahre” Kunst ist unschön! - “Schöne” Kunst ist unwahr!

For the realization of this project column one were:
Andrew Loadman, Jürgen Eckloff, Eyn Lump, Robert Schalinski, Tom Platt

some of the handmade covers ->here<-


side one:
1. La Source De La Citation N´Pas Connue
2. Infiniti Paralleli

side two:

3. Original mit Untertitel


LP, limited edition of 280 copies
release date: February 2004

A longplayer that features everything that was left. 38 uncut minutes playing, a vast quantity of various bits and different events. "I use sound phenomena as acoustic basis!" explains the author. Furthermore he tells us that "events of highest artistic origin are juxtaposed with sometimes muffled and twisted results of sonorous cuttings." A rather short but quite precise clarification that doesn't need to be commented further. Only the compatibility of this analogue rotating medium should be mentioned. Buying this medium does not interfere with criminal law.
Condition: a bit of knowledge and a playback device.


10inch, limited edition of 500 copies
release date: February 2004

“PRESET TRAINING” is a selection of unreleased tracks originally produced for “THE AUDIENCE IS SLEEPING…CD”
…minimal electronic beats with well-balanced micro-compositions & field recordings. .thus, sampling & fragmentation form the basis of this synthesis, but on second thought it unfolds its primary elements clearly, which are then being reconstructed in the listener´s brain. .tiny little noise-particles plough through the otherwise almost dancefloor-compatible compositions & tear up structures even before they enter the audible spectrum.


side one:
1. Go Uite Than - Four
2. Koulé Estrut
3. Haseled

side two:

4. Die schlafende Haselnuss
5. Beze Lowcz Li
6. Die stille Fotografie

WVINYL 005 / LAUB 008

7inch, limited 300 copies, inlay

release date: May 2005

Collaboration between Laub Records & 90%Wasser
Fourth part in the ongoing romantic-series...
A cover-version of German´s heartbraker no.1 Roland Kaiser on side a and three shorter pieces on side b.
an organic sidewalk into a red-lighted forest at the end of romantic perseption...


side one:
1. Manchmal möcht' ich schon mit dir

side two:
2. Der Schrei der Liebenden 1
3. Der Schrei der Liebenden 2
4. Der Schrei der Liebenden 3

WCD 003

release date: May 2005

Including a book (100 pages) & CD with unreleased material by
Etant Donnés, Stilluppsteypa, D. v. Euler-Donnersperg, Jürgen Eckloff, Hermann Bohlen, Column One, Mimetic, Stea Andreasson, Dave Phillips, Jürgen Ploog, Frieder Butzmann, ZSG etc.. (compiled by R.Schalinski of Column One)

CD: a claustrophobic travel from Etant Donnés motornoise, Stilluppsteypa's drones, Dave Phillips fieldrecordings ...through the paranoid cut-up's of Stea Andreasson (MOWE) & Jürgen Ploog... (all unreleased material)
the 'Archive' - parts contain material somewhere in and around the Sibirische Zelle/Berlin.

Book: the re-release of the magazine 'Warten I', full colour & b/w, incl. Brion Gysin, W.S.Burroughs, J.Ploog, H.R.Giger, Survival Research Laboratories, Dead Chickens, Kathy Acker etc. etc.

...some pictures from the book


01. Archive
02. Archive
03. Stillupsteypa -- 'untitled'
04. Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg -- 'Die Mietfussmatte des kleinen Fritz'
05. Juergen Eckloff -- 'Manimal'
06. Archive
07. Hermann Bohlen/Column One -- 'Babab Baabab'
08. Column One/Mimetic/Phil von -- 'The Dwarf'
09. Etant Donnes -- 'Dog's Attack'
10. Archive
11. Archive
12. Archive
13. Stea Andreasson -- 'Miniatur III' (extract)
14. Stea Andreasson -- 'Miniatur X' (extract)
15. Dave Phillips/Schimpfluch Commune
Int. -- 'Dogs'
16. Juergen Ploog/Column One - 'Tote Zone I'
17. Juergen Ploog/Column One - 'Tote Zone II'
18. Stea Andreasson -- 'Miniatur X' (extract)
19. Sibirische Zelle -- 'Knechte des Tourismus'
20. Frieder Butzmann -- 'Sassa'
21. Father Noack -- 'No TV'
22. Archive
23: Za Ziodma Gora -- 'Odejscie Golema' (Golems Departure)




LP, limited 300 copies [incl.100 copies with handmade covers]

release date: May 2005

The first full length album of MOWE is a 50 minute collage of fieldrecordings, accoustic & electronic instruments combined with different materials of the ether.
For this release mowe were Stea Andreasson & Rotraut Z (Column One, Sibirische Zelle)
(MOWE also apeared on "Electric Light" & "90% Wasser Artists play...")

Rotraut kam den Hang herunter gelaufen. Ihre Glieder waren zweifelsohne voller Gedanken an den Abstieg. Sie hielt eine kleine Tochter in ihren Armen, das Kind sanft gefasst, als wäre es nur in tiefem Schlaf. Für einen kleinen Moment erinnerte der Anblick ihrer Gesichter an die faltigen Hände des Vaters. Hände, mit denen er die Träume der Familie von einem zum anderen zu tragen pflegte, wie es üblich war. Und dann aus dem Haus…Oft waren wir ihm so begegnet, und fast schien es, als käme er uns auch heute entgegen, in der Dämmerung, durch die wir heimwärts schlichen.

90%Wasser veröffentlicht mit 'Humsibum' erstmals eine Vertonung des verträumten Geschehens. Da A.Horstsson, einer der Väter von MOWE, im Verlaufe der Realisierung an seinen Ohren erkrankte (und mittlerweile fast gänzlich gehörlos wirkt), beileibe kein einfaches Unterfangen... Um sein Schauen und Tasten zu erleichtern, erscheint 'Humsibum' als Vinyl-LP.


LP+7inch+Inlays in handmade box; Ltd. 14 copies

release date: June 2005

The box contains the "Zwei Sinterflaschen in Wechselschaltung" LP & the "Kompositionen ohne Grund" 7inch. Beside two inserts (one text + one collage by J.Eckloff) and a bit more... Everything in a handmade box - each one is unique. Limited to 14 copies.

WCD 006

CD with two booklets in A5-folder

release date: October 2005

The sun is shining and the sky is bright blue above the laughing children.
Noses with freckles, little princesses and big robbers have gathered for picture. The boys and girls are wearing their underwear in sweet poses and present themselves so nicely before grandmother, mommy and daddy that the old underwear will have to be thrown away. How cute!
"Dream Time", the dreamy title of this advert for children's underwear gives this scene its friendly atmosphere and no cloud is to be seen on the horizon. The little children are so perfectly integrated in the concept of western humans, they seem to understand the game that they are playing in the underwear section of the mailorder catalogue. Not even at second glance he picture is disrupting its perfect surface.

Thus began the collecting, cutting, transforming, reassembling of these materials, that penetrate our everyday life. So many people are involved in its creation, reproduction, cleaning and protection. The materials here collected are (almost) exclusively materials of major media (slogans, pictures, TV-materials), a direct expression and language of our everyday surroundings. Non of the materials come from closed circuits. They were collected while having breakfast, shopping or getting the mail, while driving or during holidays, before falling asleep or during sleep. These materials are a depiction of a concious act and state, not an accident and not an empty form written on a wall.

This project is a mirror and a distorted anthology of the 10 years of
Column One`s existence. The materials are biographic snapshots and
testimonials of the internal struggle with the "mediated", with this hallucination.


01. The Girl Who Had Everything. part 1
02. Urine
03. Fat Finger
04. Chiho Aoki
05. Babette
06. Janine
07. Frauen ohne Ende
08. The Girl Who Had Everything. part 2
09. Der Jäger
10. Temporary relief is Not enough!
11. Neger
12. The Girl Who Had Everything. part 3
13. Wie kleine Motorflieger sausen 100 Gedanken durch Ivonnes Kopf!


WCD 007/PLUS 068


release date: October 2005

After 3 years the third rumbling album by Marc Wannabe finally is released!
A journey through 12 crackling & grooving tracks, based mainly on the sounding sputum of throat & mouth.
60 minutes of straight & oblique rhythms, pulsating basses & energetic transfers.
Old friends showing up, leaving breathes, noises & voices, and also the well known old pleated robots can be found somewhere...
Marek Wantzéck (aka Marc Wannabe) explains the conceptual background of this album:
“How to handle that professional music as we know it?
Well, the construction, you see, really made me start to use situations and transistors radios. And that became an image of the piece what was happening around me. And the title really came after the piece and is like a silent protest. So there was a strong connection there with things don´t last very long.”
That may answering a lot – but not everything. To get the full spectrum of possible answers: Listen to this CD!


01. rattle the pig
02. rydike
03. silek
04. klatt
05. the grey ash of voice
06. kulk_limit
07. white concept
08. der alte (feat. Stea Andreasson)
09. soft & sweet (feat. Column One)
10. professional music today
11. huley
12. gurkensteiger



WCD 008

special edition; Ltd. 75

release date: October 2005

Contains the normal edition of WCD006, a CD-R with unreleased 'Dream Time' - material & a recycled LP plus several inserts. Comes in LP - sleeve. Limited to 75 handnumbered copies.


WCD 009

book + CD; Ltd. 300

release date: January 2006

On September 11, 2001, an American journalist wrote a letter to his child’s soccer coach who had not cancelled practice that day because he wanted to
offer a bit normality for the children on this day:

“Dear colleague,

I know that you meant well and wanted to show your sympathy. But it could be that this just isn’t possible for a European. There is more at stake here than just mourning for the victims and their families. What happened today has completely shaken our national self understanding.

We Americans find ourselves in a collective stake of shock. Our self understanding as the secure and final bastion of freedom and democracy is gone. The American way of life is now a thing of the past.

Don’t be angry, but in moments such as these one doesn’t play soccer with children, one takes time alone to reflect.”

The German translation of this letter (published in the “Berliner Zeitung” on 9/13/2001) was the basis for a book of collages by Urk Giten.

Jürgen Eckloff and Stea Andreasson collected audio material from the media between 2001 and 2004, which dealt with September 11 and subsequent events that heavily influenced the collective consciousness. The result is a very intensive Audio-Collage that shows the shock, the hysteria and the preparation for (a) new war(s) after September 11.

some pictures from the book

"THE 1978-1983"


release date: July 2006

The sound of CHEN YI is rough & brutal... electronic music, soundcollages
that reminds to Throbbing Gristle or (early)SPK aswell as electro-pop-tracks
& songs like early Cabaret Voltaire, Chris & Cosey, Severed Heads...
The Chen Yi Commune was founded in 1978 by about 20 women & men from London. The aim of the commune was to create a closed subsystem, a kind of subsociety and to narrow down its contact to the outside world only on very few specific actions.
The Chen Yi commune never was interested in producing records, some of the members even refused any form of release whatsoever. In 1981 one member released a tape edition called “Hanging³. The title referred to the first 3 english witches who were hanged in Chelmsford, where the commune house was located. This cassette was sent to various record companies. John Peel saw a potential in Chen Yi which led to a recording contract in 1982/83 with CBS. About 7 tracks were produced for the first Chen Yi LP... ...More couldn't be finalised, because CBS suddenly pulled out of the contract. This left unfinished tapes of an LP.
The material on this LP contains completely finished song-material aswell as
rough session-recordings using early electronic studio equipment.


side one:
1. Stand Up - 1981
2. Hail - 1982
Comune #17.3.1979
4. Rug - 1982
5. War Game - 1983
6. Chensession #6.4.1978
7. Tape - 1979/80
8. Honey Monkey - 1980

side two:
9. Rounder - 1981/82
10. Honey Money - 1982
11 . The - 1979
12. Chensession #20.5.1979
13. Rape - 1981/82
14. Potatoheads #21.3.1980






release date: July 2006

first album by this berlin-based project. gort klüht & klaus-helene ramp producing a weird mixture out of somehow "old-school" electro, ndw-like minimalism..... and of course lyrics with the sense for the very important...


side one:
1. Der Nachbar
2. Die Braune
87.000 Kastraten
4. Sehen ist erleben
5. Arbeit

side two:
6 . Entpann Dich!
7 . Spann an!
8 . Die Gazelle
9 . Jungs aus Zucker

Also available on Bandcamp!




release date: November 2015

The latest album from the legendary Berlin-based art collective Column One, entitled "Cindy, Loraine & Hank", was in the works for almost 10 years and it is their first album since anniversary box set "No One" from 2011 and "Antiphona" 10" vinyl EP from 2013.
Many fragments, materials & ideas created during the collaboration with the Berlin Zeitkratzer Ensemble (2012) remained unfinished or underdeveloped. After years of further recordings and reviewing the existing material and the destruction of useless bubbles arises with "Cindy, Lorraine & Hank" a bulky muscleman from the splinters of classical instrumentation, electro-acoustic manipulations & assemblages & the clarity of field recordings. Musique concréte if you like. A boundless world.
This double album presents Column One and their experimental approach to sound at its best.
"Cindy, Loraine & Hank" a collection of incestuous figures, a museum of small, lovely bastards. Products of passion & weakness, disorientation and dedication, of dull instincts and narrowness. Twins, triplets, octuplets, dyslexic, presidents, beginners, criminal citizens, sacred Neanderthals, expert idiots. Begotten in haste, hidden in the dirt, covered with garbage. A contourless, monstrous void in the cardigan of the great-grandmother. A voyage through the labyrinthine mind of Column One... a surreal, organic projection.

The two LPs are housed in a luxury gatefold sleeve and the first edition is limited to 300 copies only. The cover was designed by Robert Schalinski, based on "Black Depths" print (1974) by John Hiliard. CD edition available from Zoharum Rec.: http://zoharum.com/


side one:
1. Warsaw part 2
2. Idiotenmusik

side two:
4. Antiphona #2
5. Cherokee
6. Not

side three:
7. Warsaw part 1
8. Reverend Black
9. Die Truhe im Fluss #5

side two:
10. Der Fluss in der Truhe
11. Stufe


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excerpt #4




release date: November 2015

Recorded & edited by Jürgen Ploog on different flights between 1971 & 1976 on a portable tape-recorder.
Final selection, montage & editing in 2014 by Robert Schalinski.
Like his literary fellow traveler William S. Burroughs who made tape experiments a few years earlier, the German Beat writer Jürgen Ploog (born 1935) began experimenting with tape recorders in the 1970s. Due to his career as a transcontinental pilot Ploog was constantly on the go. "My life was a series of interruptions both geographically (outwardly) and psychologically (state of mind) with exposure to different countries and the constant effects of jet lag." This 40-minute cut-up is the result of his experiments. Passages of Ploog's spoken text get mixed with Indian television voices, while sounds of Buddhist rituals are heard through an open hotel window. Radiograms, birds, recordings of airport and street noises, people noise and that of machinery … assembled, superimposed … scraps pulled out/torn, shifted and copied … questioned and documented … an alchemical experiment, a journey of sounds …
"Cut-up as a drug that leads to a different relationship with language, just as a hallucinogen leads to an altered relation with the so-called reality. The result is a fundamental shift of meaning. 'Shift linguals' was the motto in a continuous process with an open end …" J.P.
"This tape is a recording of many voices simultaneously under the spell of the urban Moloch. They moan, marvel, murmur and curse in a mixture of sounds that would became independent and found its own cadence. A sound that could turn drunk, melt on the tongue, mingle with the juices of the body and eventually turn into sweat and piss. The traveler lived with it as with microbes sucked up and gulped with every swallow."
"When I look back now at those years, I see that they were a ground-breaking departure for me, not towards other, newly rising ideologies but into an unspecified way of writing and perception —because reality is based on perspective and seeing, thus opening the possibilities of an enhanced imagination and a vision of life under conditions which are not determined and pre-recorded. It may be said that these were the accounts of only the first steps. That in my case this was related to traveling to far-off continents and may just have been a lucky coincidence. At the same time it is obvious that it was difficult for me to record the exoticism of travel as merely a fortunate occurrence that gave me the chance to slide into remote scenery. The whiskey on the rocks at the beach of a tropical island is after all only the Technicolor-version of the beer in the pub back home. The challenge was to navigate under limitless technical possibilities and across the open space of digital deserts that spread rapidly …" J.P.2014
Jürgen Ploog - born 1935, lives in Frankfurt and Miami. He was a pilot for Lufthansa for 33 years. With Jörg Fauser and Carl Weissner he was co-founder of the legendary little-mag Gasolin 23. A friend and literary associate of William S. Burroughs, he is considered a father figure of the German-language literary underground.




release date: March 2016

“Bei Wanzen Geld zurück” originally recorded 2004 for an exhibition at Sibirische Zelle (Berlin) fills the A-side of this two sided 30,48cm rotating audio-archive. A seemingly empty room with greasy walls is somehow filled by situations and more - of course with happy ending!

Side B contains six shorter pieces including the unusual trilogy Mörtel
I – IV. This is the very first trilogy that consists of four pieces instead of the usual three! A masterpiece using the most modern techniques of composition. (That's also the reason why the additional `T´ is used in the record-title...)

All the sounds used for the pieces on Side B where recorded by the author himself mainly for his forthcoming film "Girls In Dirty Aprons"
at several places. Five scenic figurines of photographic beauty and understanding of sonic nature. `Miniatures Concrètes´ a French maybe would say.... The final piece entitled “Jazz” sets another direction, Eckloff never has shown before. Not Dixieland...the other Jazz! Yes!

The not fully printed backside of the coveroffers a lot of space for notes - a new & fresh invention on the fast growing record-market that underlines once more the forward-thinking way 90%Wasser steps on since years!


side one:
1. Bei Wanzen Geld zurück

side two:
2. Fettröhre
3. Mörtel I

4. Mörtel II
5. Mörtel III
6. Mörtel IV
7. Jazz




release date: March 2016


Above party lines – below the horizon of forgiveness...Kein Zweiter return stronger than ever! 10 years after the „Muskeln + Kraft = Überlegenheit“ album – a new release by Kein Zweiter!
And nine pieces that are very difficult to categorize:


- electronic music?

- dance-able?

- strong voices?

-still a bit sweat of DAF?

- uninspired 1980s pure-cult-machine








“...fantastic, sticky, garish nobleman-fetish-fantasies and pre-communistic oaths of knights take possession of me…" (Felix Kubin)

Released as 12“vinyl including the „Eine Richtung – Eine Saat“ video on DVD-R, a postcard and an A4-inlay containing the lyrics & liner notes! Also available on Bandcamp!


side one:
1. Genitalmetamorphosenovid
2. Komm herein!
3. Die Saat
4. Kreislauf
5. Tanzlied

side two:
6 . Endstation Gürtel
7 . Miteinander
8 . Der Weg
9 . Der Wagenmann

excerpt #1

excerpt #2



release date: July 2016


BOILING POOL consists of 953 fragments, 722 situations, 952 interruptions & countless Sources, intensions & beings.
BOILING POOL was recorded at various places between
1971 & 2016.
edited, mixed & produced at Polly´s Home, 23rd of may 2016 by robert schalinski.
mastered by polly sinclair 2016.
collage "the king ape feeds at dawn" by robert schalinski .
limited edition of 245 numbered copies .
source dona tion ...derek holzer, antoin chessex, konrad schalinski, paul viebeg, nada & rasmus, leo solter, remo lamp, zeitkratzer,
hilke schalinski, jürgen ploog, mirko uhlig, nocturne, herbert brauer, nam, nora below, joachim schönfeld …

"Time is a human affliction; not a human invention but a prison.
So what is the meaning of one hundred sixty million years
without time? ..." [WSB]

CO were:
jürgen eckloff
rashad becker
robert schalinski
rené lamp
tom platt
andrew loadman
stea andreasson



side one:
1. POOLING 444 fragments

side two:
1. BOILING 509 fragments

excerpt #1




release date: December 23th, 2016


Recorded during rehearsals for ENTROPIUM at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin, march 23, 2012.
Celebrated & recorded in one take - no overdubs.
Includes 3 postcards.